5 Coffee Instagram Accounts Worth Following

I love witnessing the creation of crazy coffee concoctions, spying on the latest in espresso tech, and watching people in the coffee world make a difference. That’s why I follow these 5 awesome Instagram accounts.

1. @baristadaily

Barista Daily features some amazing gadgets in their fun exploration of espresso and coffee. Their feed consistently showcases the latest coffee technology, creating the vibe of a mad scientist’s lab with all of the experiments producing the perfect latte or double shot. They’ll also tell you how to purchase these amazing machines, tf you’re so inclined. As an added bonus, they sprinkle in some regrammed content from coffee lovers at the coolest cafés all over the world. Sadly, they have not selected any of my posts… yet.

2. @coffeehunterproject

The official account for Cafe Kreyól, a coffee roaster and importer committed to “creating sustainable jobs in Haiti, using organic specialty coffee,” takes you on the 100% traceable journey of their coffees to your cup. Their operation has expanded to other countries and they even helped start the Cocaine 4 Coffee Project in Colombia as a means of rescuing farmers and their families from a very dangerous industry by encouraging them to turn in their cocaine plants for coffee trees.

3. @baristahakan

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Cold coffee cream time.☕ Have a sweet day.

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Can Hakan Yılmaz be my local barista? I don’t know anything about him, except that he is coffee magician from the desert, sent by the internet to wow us with his amazing creations. A cold coffee cream? I’ve never heard of it, but because of his mesmerizing video, I want to be sipping it right now.

4. @croptocup

I know Crop to Cup very well because it was only 2 blocks away from my old apartment in Brooklyn. It was the first coffee shop I visited that was also a green coffee importer. This means that I could actually see the large bags of beans from Africa arrive and get ready to be roasted. It deepened my connection to enjoying each morning coffee more by gaining an appreciation for the journey from its roots as a plant to the beverage I was drinking (literally crop to cup). Their Instagram feed contributes to this experience by showing their coffee drinks along with photos of the farmers who cultivate their beans. It continues to make a positive impact on me and, dare I say, helps me love coffee even more.  

5. @dritanalsela

“Il Barista” Dritan Alsela’s coffee mission is to travel across the globe to inspire people for the barista profession and to exchange knowledge acquired from his unique expertise. So, you will see him working on a coffee plantation in Guatemala one day, then creating latte art at the New York Coffee Festival the next. It is so much fun to see his adventures around the world and interactions with other coffee lovers. Check his Instagram story highlights (conveniently organized by city) to see if he was recently in your neck of the woods.