Why I’m in Love with this $100 Coffee Maker

It grinds. It brews. It’s the first grown up kitchen device I ever “splurged” on. (And it was worth every penny.)


When it came to coffee at home, I was fine being the plastic-pod-brewed-into-a-mug-sweetened-with-heavily-flavored-creamer kinda guy. And since I lived in coffee shop heaven, Park Slope, Brooklyn, with great cafes only blocks away (like Crop to Cup or Konditori), I never had to look too far when I really wanted the good stuff.  

Yet, each time I’d swing by the corner supermarket, the self-serve display of Brooklyn Roasting Company beans kept calling my name. Varieties of roasts from Guatemala or Sumatra with notes of blueberry, toasted coconut, or cocoa, gave me an instant pick-me-up just from the aroma. I wanted to take them all home with me. But, I knew my half-functioning drip brewer, still packed away in the back of a closet, would turn even the finest, freshest grounds into mud.

Finally, I had enough of being taunted by that sweet coffee scent, and dusted off an Amazon gift card I’d been saving and started shopping for a shiny new coffee maker and a grinder to pair it with. Then I found it. The Cuisinart® Grind & Brew™ automatically grinds beans before brewing to deliver the freshest cup.

Everything changed once it arrived. I programmed its digital clock to 6:55 a.m. and prepped with filtered water and a light roast. That next morning inaugurated my new wake up ritual and my mornings have never been the same: the sound of crackling and the subtle roar of the grinder; the wafting aroma filling my one bedroom apartment; and the three beeps to announce that it was time to roll out of bed and fill my cup. And it wasn’t just good coffee, it rivaled and almost made me stop going to the local cafes (almost).

My favorite kitchen gadget has helped me through so many tired mornings in Brooklyn, San Francisco, and now Los Angeles. It fueled me to take on the daily grind of subway delays, foggy hills, and traffic on the 405. Even vacations are now more fun as I can’t wait to search for the best beans and bring back local souvenirs like Maui’s Lava Java, Portland’s Heart Coffee, or Toronto’s Balzac’s Roasters.

I know it’s hard to believe in this new world of #sponsored content, but this little love letter was completely unsolicited. I just wanted it on the record that since I decided to brew my own coffee with the Cuisinart® Grind & Brew™, every cup from its pot has tasted like home.